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Andrew Paisley, 4 January 2021 21:28

Message to Golfers Contemplating Playing when Course is Covered in Frost or Frozen.
Please think before you play!
We do not have the time to be up making a decision every day if the course is playable or not in the winter be it waterlogging or frost or frozen conditions that prevail.
A number of years ago we tried manage this on a daily basis. This was very time consuming and we ended up alienating many members as they said they did not know when the course would be open or not and we lost members over it. Since that time we have left it to the common sense of our members. #
We all know when we should play and when we should not. Don't just paly because you always play. If the conditions are not good for you or the course please refrain from going out to play.
In frosty or frozen conditions you should not play until the ground is fully defrosted. After frozen conditions it takes days for the sward to defrost and this time is critical to avoid damage as this is when the sward is at its most vulnerable and delicate stage.
Please respect your club and the course and your fellow members and make the correct decision. We all enjoy playing golf and know how important it is to all our members.
We do not want to close the course unless we absolutely have to.
We do not want to get into a situation of closing the course every five minutes. We need to protect the course when conditions are against playing. Damage costs time and money to repair and will delay the greens coming on in the spring.
Article from Green Keepers Association BIGGA
"When golfers tread across a frozen green, the compaction can cause bruising underfoot. The barriers between the cells break and the plant is killed from the inside. As the temperature then rises and the green thaws, the dead grass turns brown and wastes away. This damage can last well into the spring."
We have all witnessed the brown footprints from people walking across your law or the park or the golf course when there has been a hard frost. This damage takes a long time to recover.
This letter is not written to alienate any one it is written as we are all members of the club and we should all work together so that we can have the best course that we can. we hope this letter is received in the manner it was intended.
Andrew Paisley

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