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Pylon Work June 2020

Andrew Paisley, 11 June 2020 19:36

Re Pylon Work

Keltbray and Scottish Power are now ready to do the Langholm section of the wire replacement. They have moved this up from July .
This will start on Monday morning 15th June 2020 with preparation work. All being well they are looking to pull the first two wires through the section on Tuesday. Sorry for the late going to press however we have been talking with them for the past few weeks to eventually nail it down. Until today they had planned for next week but nothing was definite and as I understand it the plans cold change dependent on many factors.

There will be 4 pulls all together over the next 2-4 weeks dependent on the success of the pulls and any problems they may encounter.

They are going to produce a time table for us but this will vary dependent on how they get on so it is not set in stone. This will be the best estimate they can give.

What will this mean for us.

The effected areas are the 3rd Green 4th and 6th holes which will have to be adjusted during the days they are preparing and pulling the wires. There needs to be a safe zone around the area of the pylon and the line the wires take. This will be marshalled by them when pulls are taking place.

This may be for whole days at a time, or parts there of, which will allow us to play the full course on some days but not on others.

To keep us playing I propose that on the days of work we.

We will play a shortened 3rd hole to where we used to have a winter green at the bottom of the slope before entering the field above Franky's
We do not play the 4th.
Next hole is the 5th
Then play the shortened 6th to the winder green.
We will put signs out to instruct golfers when the course is in shortened mode. Doug will be contacted by them when the course change is required.
This gives us 8 holes during the period of work.

Yes this will effect the mid week comp and possibly a Saturday however they are trying to avoid effecting a Saturday . If this effects a club championship qualifying competition we will have to reschedule the competition to another suitable date. Hopefully this will not be required.

I know this is not ideal and that there will be many disgruntled members. However the facts are that this work has to be done, we cannot stop it. The question will be asked why could this not have been done during the lock down? Well I am not an expert however with Electricity it has to be scheduled for shut off and the periods of closure have to be limited.

Hopefully if everything goes well the work will be done in 2-3 weeks and then they will be out of our hair.

The best way forward is to work with them not against, which we have done so far, then the work will be complete.

Thank you for your co operation in this.

Andrew Paisley

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