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Covid-19 Update as to Langholm Golf Club

Andrew Paisley, 2 November 2020 19:06

Dear Affiliated Club,

Following our email on Friday 30 October, Scottish Golf is now in a position to provide all affiliated clubs with further guidance relating to the Scottish Government’s COVID protection levels by local area. The latest version of our COVID-19 Guidance for Golf Clubs and Golfers can be accessedhere.

The updated guidance is summarised as follows and unless otherwise stated are effective immediately:

  • On-course golf activities can continue under ourcurrent Phase 3 Guidance,with up to four players from four different households allowed to participate together. There are no changes to access to toilet facilities, locker rooms or professional shops which can continue to be utilised provided all appropriate measures, such as use of face masks, increased sanitation are adhered to.
  • You should avoid travel to other areas regardless of their level unless essential.
  • For exercise/sport – there is an exemption, however, it is limited:
    • In tier 4, not permitted to drive outside your Local Authority area for exercise – you can cross boundaries in the process of exercising i.e if a golf course straddles two Local Authority area boundaries.
    • In tier 3, you are permitted to travel around 5 miles for exercise.
    • In tier 2 & tier 1, you are permitted to travel freely for exercise within your own Local Authority area.
    • U18s – can travel freely for exercise in Tiers 0-3. They should not travel in or out of a Tier 4 area.
  • All golfers should be aware of travel guidance outlined by the Scottish Government and this should always be followed.
  • Clubhouses and sports facilities which provide catering and bar services, can operate providing they adhere to Scottish Government guidance appropriate to the protection level in which they are operating

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