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Birds Lifting Balls

Andrew Paisley, 8 September 2020 15:05

Birds Steeling Balls
Local Rule.

If you see a bird taking your ball or a fellow players ball replace it in the same spot or as close to the original position as possible.

If you do not see the bird take the ball it cannot just be assumed that the ball has been taken by a bird or other animal this must be confirmed and agreed with your playing partner(s).

Once you have agreed with your playing partners that this has indeed happened

According to Rule 18-1, when a ball has been moved by an outside agency, you have to replace it at the spot where it was picked up. If you don't know exactly where the bird grabbed your ball, you can approximate it (Rule 20-3c). Either way, there is no penalty.

We are endevouring to resolve this problem.

Andrew Paisley

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